Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation might seem like a minor consideration, but when done properly, it can extend the life of your attic and roof structure saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in roof repair costs.

In the summer, hot, moist air in the attic can warp floor boards and roof sheathing and cause shingles to deteriorate. A hot attic also makes a home more difficult to cool and can result in added energy costs.

In the winter, an overheated attic melts snow and can form ice dams at the roof edge. Water can back up under your shingles, wetting and damaging insulation and, eventually, the structure of the roof itself. Ice dams can even cause leaks inside your home, resulting in drywall damage. Most home owners are unaware as are most re roofers that should your attic ventilation be problematic the manufacturer will not warrant their product. We've seen many mis-installed applications that have dried up or curled from heat at 50% or less life cycle. Or caused ice damming during winter and interior water damage. If you are considering a roofer and he doesn't inspect your attic at the time of estimating, then don't hire him because his job is only half done. Our staff ensure your attic complies with Ontario building code as a minimum and often recommends more when we do pre or post roofing repairs or inspections.Dont let the last picture below happen to you, mold remediation contractors with M.O.E licensing can cost over $50,000 per house and child welfare service can remove your children until its fixed and passes inspections. These costs are not covered under your residential insurance policy as it is considered as neglect. We Offer: Adding Baffles to Prevent Intake Blockage and Maximize Ventilation Bathroom Exhaust Vent Repairs Bathroom Exhaust Vent Installations Intake Soffit Vents Installation to Increase Air Flow Intake Vents Installation – Advanced System for Homes without Overhangs Roof Vent Leak Repairs (All Types) Roof Vents – Adding Additional Roof Vent Conversions – Improving Ventilation with Ridge Vents Roof Vents – Repositioning for Best Performance Solar Power Roof Vents Installation Attic Ventilation Evaluation– Attic inspection and assessment calculating your existing system performance and reporting on what you have and what is required.

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